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Drive By

Yesterday my husband ran out to the grocery store to pick up some ice cream. We had both had rough days and he decided it was time for a treat. I was doing laundry when he called to give me flavor options. The conversation was weird – he paused for several seconds in the middle of it and then said something like, “OK, I’ll get that. Bye.” A little terse, but I didn’t think much of it. When he got home he told me what had happened to make his end of the conversation so odd.
“I was standing there, looking at the ice cream, and talking to you. The store was practically empty and no one was in the ice cream aisle. While I was talking to you, a woman turned the corner and started walking down the aisle toward me. I glanced over and she had this big smile on her face and was looking right at me. I didn’t recognize her, so I turned back to look at the ice cream. I glanced over again and she was almost to me, walking right toward me, smiling like I’m her best friend. She didn’t have a buggy or any groceries. She walked right in front of me, stopped, reached out and tickled me a little on my belly, then turned and walked away!”
He saw the woman getting in her car when he left the store. She still didn’t have any groceries.  Guess she was just there for a drive-by tickling.


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