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Etsy Art


I caught up with Violetbloom, also known as Abigail Murray, a painter who also happens to be my dear sister. I love the painting above, titled “Goodnight Grace” after a line from a Weepies song.  She has an etsy.com store here and a website here both with images of her beautiful artwork.   I pestered her for a few minutes of her time and had her answer a few questions. I’d love to share them and a few pictures of her studio space here!

Blossomdaily: What mediums do you work in? Which is your favorite?

Abigail: I love the luminart twinkling h2o metallic watercolors, these are about the only watercolors I use now! I dabble in jewelry making, and a few other random crafts, I have worked in printmaking but dont do much of it now. Acrylics and I were made for each other. I love their versatility. I have been working with them for so long, and over time have been perfecting my techniques.

BD: Where do you work?

A: I work at home in a little studio room, the morning sun lights up the place and it is really inspiring. It is just the right size I think, the closet is big enough for my paint and supplies to live in, when I am not using them.  I have some of my newer paintings up in groups on the walls, and i have my computer here as well so i can work on my website when i need to.


BD: Tell me about your website.



A: I like my dot-mac website. It is easy to use because there are templates you can choose from. You drop the pics and words in you want, so I am creating the pages and doing the upkeep myself. I like the freedom that comes with this, but I have had the website for a while, and I think technology is moving on without me! So at some point I hope to catch up and get a whole new webpage.

BD: I know you spend a lot of time on Etsy – what are some of your favorite stores?

A: jNicDesigns is one of my very favorites, I have bought from Jenn several times, and love her handmade jewelry.  I get a lot of skin and body care things from Lauren at DressGreen, her stuff is affordable and all natural. I have bought some lovely gemstone briolettes from GemGourmet as well.

Thanks so much, Abi, for sharing with us! Take a look at more pictures of Abigail’s art and studio!




Etsy and Ebay finds ready for scrapbooking




3 Responses

  1. Abi is SO talented! I love the one with the tree. Amazing!

  2. I absolutely LOVE Abi’s paintings!! I am proud to say she is my cousin, although I wish I would have gotten some of her artistic abilities because I have none! lol I proudly display four of her works in my bedroom! Just like her paintings, Abi is a beautiful work of art! :0)

    • I know exactly what you mean. I draw/paint like a 4th grader 🙂 But we’re creative in other ways!

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