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What color is your personality?

What color are you?

I love personality quizzes and tests. The big ones, like Myers-Briggs, and the little ones, like Cosmo quizzes, and everything in between. Growing up my best friend and I took every quiz and read every horoscope we could find, in a never-ending quest to learn something new (or strange or wonderful) about ourselves. Today in my quest for all things colorful I ran across this personality test. Nothing complicated, and probably more than a bit overly general, but fun. Today I’m feeling green, and I like the definition of the “green” personality. But pick another day and I could pick another color. I go through color phases – could be blue, pink, white, yellow – I could keep going but you get the drift.

On colorcode.com I found  a more traditional personality test. This one uses colors to code the results – the colors themselves don’t mean anything. I found out I’m a yellow, which interestingly enough has some things in common with my “green” results from the other site. Interesting….


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