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Daily Blossom

flower buttons

Happy Friday everyone! I know everyone says TGIF, but this week, seriously, TGIF! All of my cutting and stitching and rushing about this week in addition to a busy week at work has worn me completely out! Last night at First Thursday didn’t go exactly as planned – it appears Katherine didn’t make it in time to get a space and set up. So when I got there with all of my stuff she was nowhere in sight! That was a bit disappointing, but the evening turned out to be nice anyway. My husband and I had dinner at Gueros – we were early enough to walk right in and get a table, which never happens! Dinner was great, and then we wandered up and down the street, talking with people and ducking into shops to cool off periodically (it was in the upper 90s yesterday – gotta love the Texas weather). On our way back to the car I stopped and talked for a few minutes with Sara Oehlwein, of Seedling. One of her Etsy shops is where I found my picture for this morning. I adore these buttons – I think they would look so cute in the center of a felt flower, or maybe gathered together into a mini “bouquet.”¬† If you get a chance today stop by one or all of her shops! Seedling Textiles, Seedling Baby, and Not the Kitchen Sink (where I found the buttons). I’ll definitely be showing you more of her work on down the road – I love her potted plants!

I hope everyone has a great day, and I’ll see you all Monday. I’m spending the weekend with my darling husband, away from the computer, as it is our first anniversary!

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  1. Those are really cute buttons! Thanks for the links and i hope your having a great weekend! Love to you!

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