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    Welcome to blossomdaily. I'm a crafter in Austin on a daily journey to flourish in this great big world.
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Daily Blossom


Happy Thursday everyone! I thought for today I’d share this beautiful photo by LeSophie, part of her Love is Everywhere series. Leslie also blogs here and has a portfolio website here.  If you have the time you should definitely visit her sites and check out her work! I made my way to her through a series of blogs, and really enjoyed each step, so I thought I’d share the links here. As you may remember, I recently took an online class, Blogging Your Way, with over 200 talented bloggers as classmates. I’m slowly working my way through all of their sites. There are so many wonderful ones I’m bookmarking, but I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to keep up with them all! So this time around I thought I would start clicking at the end of the alphabet, and get to some new sites that way. I started with When I Grow Up, written by a life coach who, besides some great insightful writing and inspirational art, has the most fabulous alliterative “Clever Categories!” (Awesome Artists, Clear Careers, Colorful Creativity…)  Michelle, the When I Grow Up Life Coach, had reprinted an article by another BYW alumnus, Lolalina, who has a beautiful site you should visit. I was just about to shut down for the evening when I noticed a link to Pecannoot on When I Grow Up.  I haven’t spent much time visiting their site, but thought I’d take a stroll through quickly, before the end of the evening. When I opened up the page I was blow away by the riot of color in the post about Jessica Wilkinson’s Polyvore art. After basking in the glow of Jessica’s collages I glanced at the “Get Inspired” links and randomly clicked on Le Sophie.  Her photos make me so happy! I love the idea of finding hearts in the everyday (fruit, stones, flowers, quilts…). I hope you have time today to click through some of these links, and I hope you have a fantastic day!


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  1. thank you SO much and how fun to have read your journey to find me 🙂 !

  2. […] I met through Blogging Your Way – you may remember that I mentioned Michelle’s blog here. Well, I am super-excited that I’m going to be working with her because I recently won an […]

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