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Daily Blossom

Dead, originally uploaded by margot.trudell.

I think the reason I love these photos is because they transport me back to my childhood. So many of them feel like summer to me. I look at this picture and suddenly I’m lying in the yard, the grass (and dandelions) have gone a bit long. It’s a summer evening and I’ve spent the day playing outside, drinking out of the hose, chasing butterflies and my little brother and sister. Now I’ve collapsed for just a minute, until Mom yells out the window that dinner is ready.

So what about you? What’s your favorite memory of summer? What sparks it?


2 Responses

  1. a beautiful photo! i feel like i am right there with you. oh guess i was!

  2. I remember the smells of many summers: coppertone and honeysuckles – we had a pool close to our house and a lot of honeysuckle vines in our back yard near the forest.

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