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Daily Blossom

Since I moved to Austin in 2005 I’ve been tickled with the things I see on the street here. If I could take pictures and drive I would have one heck of a photo essay! However, as I would like to remain alive I try not to take pictures while I’m actually driving. Luckily for me the most recent fabulous thing I’ve seen has been documented by the Austin American Statesman.

I don’t know if “yarn bombing” or “knit graffiti” has made it to your city, but if it hasn’t, just keep your eyes open (or start it yourself…). I occasionally see street signs with the posts covered in a knit cozy, and it makes me smile. But yesterday, on my way to work, I saw the fabulous knit-covered signs above!  There’s an underpass with signs that at some point in the past were an art installation from Whole Foods.  Since I’ve seen them they’ve just been boring blue signs – but no longer! Now they’re brightly-colored yarn-covered beauties! How can you do anything but smile when you see something like this?  So, while they’re not actually flowers, they’ve brightened my day as much as flowers do, so these lovely signs are today’s Daily Blossom.  These signs are the work of  artist Magda Sayeg – known for her knitted graffiti art that can be seen all over the world – really! (her website is really cute guys – go look at it!)

All photos are from Ricardo B. Brazziell AUSTIN AMERICAN-STATESMAN and can be found online here.


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