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Etsy Blossoms

Wow! What a week it’s been! I’m so glad to be back online with you guys.  We had a bit of a scare and an emergency room visit over the past week, but everyone is OK now. Turns out I’m not the only one in the family who is a fainter. OK, on to Etsy fun!The photos above are of from sosovintage. I love her vintage fabric packs – what a fantastic idea, especially since so many of the vintage linens and fabrics you find have stains or holes. And I must mention the rose Fiestaware pitcher – I don’t have that color! Definitely take a moment to poke around this cute shop – I love everything there!  She also has an “eco friendly crochet boutique” on Etsy – sosorosey, and a cute blog, complete with a “Price is Right” style game!These dreamy photos are from foxontherun, and make me wistful for childhood and the east coast (I never see Queen Anne’s Lace around here!). I love the sleepy look of lomography, and these photos inspire me to take out my toy lomo camera (or at least get the two rolls of film I’ve been carrying around developed!).  I think I might need three or four of these!

More vintage here, from bluebiredvintage. I love the happy mug at the top – wouldn’t it brighten your morning to have your tea/coffee/diet coke in this mug? And bluebirdvintage is one of those “undiscovered” Etsy shops with only a few sales, but a great aesthetic – go buy something!This colorful collection is from art2theextreme. I think the rainbow crayons are so much fun – look at that butterfly! What kid (or grown-up…) wouldn’t love to color with something so fun? And the T-shirt quilt is great! I like the addition of solid squares to make the printed pieces pop.  You can read more about her and even get a coupon code right now by going to her blog. Well, what are you waiting for? Finally, some beautiful creations from MiaBeads. These flower hair pins are just yummy – the color combinations (and names!) really evoke a mood, don’t you think? I really like the sweet lovebird earrings too! Also check out her sweet blog and paper goods Etsy shop – PaperPumpkin.

2 Responses

  1. Eek- so sorry about the trip to the emergency room. Very glad to hear that all is well again.

    Thanks so much for featuring my shop on your beautiful blog! You have found some lovely shops/treasures to showcase in this post, and I’m thrilled to be here.

  2. Thanks Jennie – I love what you have – I actually have some of the same pieces, and go for similar items when I hit the thrift stores. I’m convinced there’s better stuff on the east coast though. Everything down here in Texas is so, well, new – at least compared to what I grew up with in WV.

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