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Etsy Blossoms – Logo Inspiration

I’m working on ideas for a logo – I think it’s a bit overdue! (sort of like this post – hey, it’s still Thursday!) I’ve probably been over thinking it.  My sister is helping me with her newly developing graphic design skills.  Today’s Etsy finds are pretty bits of inspiration for my new logo. The photo above is from Hey Zee, and I saw it on Decor8 (I think?) a while back and bookmarked it. I absolutely love everything about it, and if I had to pick one inspiration for my new logo this would be it. I’m wanting something bright and fun, but also soft and dreamy, which all of her photos are. I love repeating patterns like the rows of lightbulbs on this carnival ride, and I love the rainbow of colors. Zee also has a beautiful blog here. So far for my logo I’ve toyed with words written in flowers, free form embroidery, and I played around with creating my own little assemblage of tiny bits to create the name, but I haven’t quite found what I want. So for right now I’m just going to keep looking at pretty things that inspire me, and passing them along to the artist in the family for a new magical creation.

This sweet little key chain is from Lova Revolution (lovahandmade on Etsy). Jodie has lots of felt fun on her blog, and a vintage Etsy shop as well!

This photo, titled “roy g biv,” is by Shannonblue Photography (shannonpix on Etsy). Shannon has a beautiful blog of her own, as well as a fun collaborative project with fellow photographer Cassia Beck called Every Day.

These exuberant balloons are from Enamor Photography (enamorphoto on Etsy).

I love this exotic Indian pillow – one of many gorgeous designer pillows from PARK by matt & carlos (carlossantiago on Etsy).  A slightly different take on a “rainbow” palette, but look at the repeating patterns!


4 Responses

  1. thank you for including my work! I really appreciate it. Your blog is excellent and fun to look at.

  2. Hello! Thanks so much for blogging about my work, I feel happy that you like it!
    I wish you all the best, xoxo…

  3. Love the rainbow of colors here. Good luck with your logo, and thanks for thanks for including me.

  4. You’re all very welcome! Thanks for stopping by!

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