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Etsy Blossoms – Tomato Obsession

Thinking about the end of summer at the beginning of the week eventually led my mind down the path of tomatoes. Now I can’t stop thinking about them! Yummy, delicious, bright, bumpy tomatoes. So my Etsy blossoms are all tomato-themed tonight! I hope you enjoy!

OK, how can you NOT love the Mental Vegetables, Drinky Poos, and Gourds of Goth from AnthroPoMorphCo? Seriously, I definitely need a Saucy Tomato in my life. And I know it’s a little early to be thinking about Halloween, but how perfect would the Gourds of Goth be for, well, the entire month of October! Go, buy cute stuff!

These watercolors by Bob Fontenot, of bobbyjoefontenot, are portraits of tomatoes from the Fontenot garden, and I think they’re completely mouthwatering.  I think they’d be great in my kitchen…a nice reminder of summer year-round.

I just couldn’t help but smile when I ran across the napkins above by shesocreative. That smile just got bigger the longer I looked at her shop.  I love the clever plays on everyday concepts, and I’m completly blown away by the oh-so-clever packaging of her aprons! take a minute to look at them, and read the labels. So cute!

Finally, here are some fun vintage items from coconutannie. I think the frog with tomatoes salt and pepper shaker set is so much fun. Wouldn’t that be a great conversation-piece  for your kitchen table?  And the ode to tomatoes wouldn’t be the complete without a pincushion. I have one just like these vintage Chinese ones.

I hope you all have enjoyed my moment of tomato obsession. I’ve got a couple of recipes to share tomorrow, then it’s off to birthday celebration land for me! Happy Thursday (evening).


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