oops! Moths vs Butterflies

A big thank you to Lynette Schimming, the photographer who took yesterday’s gorgeous photo. Turns out that was a butterfly, not a moth. Oops! She was kind enough to share these photos, which actually are moths, and I was inspired to look up the differences.

It seems that butterflies normally have thin antennae with balls or clubs on the end. They usually have brigher coloring, thinner bodies, smoother wings with smaller scales, and fly around during the day.

Moths, on the other hand, have a variety of antennae, but usually without the clubs on the end. Their bodies tend to be fatter and furrier, the larger scales on their wings make them look fluffier and they are generally nocturnal.

There are more differences I found (wing structure, cocoon versus chrysalis, resting posture) but the physical ones are the ones I’m most likely to remember and be able to identify. I hope you enjoy these pretty moths (for real this time). Thanks again to Lynnette Schimming for the gorgeous photos! Happy Tuesday!


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