• blossom: to begin to thrive or flourish

    Welcome to blossomdaily. I'm a crafter in Austin on a daily journey to flourish in this great big world.
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Thanks so much for visiting my blog!  I hope you enjoy the flowery inspiration in my posts. Here I share some of my favorite blogs, shops (online and on the street), crafts, vintage finds, and flowers (or other fun things) I run across in my day to day life.  Each Thursday I’ll share something sweet from Etsy in my Etsy Blossoms post.  You can find my crafts at my Etsy shop, blossomdaily, and my favorite vintage items in my Etsy shop secondhandblossoms.  I also blog at homeanddryblog.wordpress.com, where I write about home and memories.


I grew up in West Virginia, and moved to Texas in 2005.  I met and married the best man here, and my parents and sister even moved down (you guys are next, Arlington family!). Austin has become my home – it’s a pretty great place!  I’d love to hear from you, so please feel free to comment or email me at blossomdaily (at) hotmail dot com.


Leo & Spike

Oh, and Leo & Spike say hi!


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3 Responses

  1. Tomorrow’s not a place to fear, though it does draw near. The love of God and family and friends be your cloud and cushion and hiding place. Love is your strength. We love you today, yet more tomorrow.

  2. You are a flower alight with color. Fragrant and full of the immaculate. Green, golden, red, blue and more are you. Have a poofy day in your garden.

  3. Never fear, tomorrow’s here! Just yesterday’s yearnings, a toddler’s deja-vu, hope and fears together, mixed, rolled out, cut and baked anew into this startling thing we call today. Ah!

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