Wet Wednesday

It’s raining again today – it’s been a very wet month here in Austin. Apparently the wettest on record since 1921. Central Texans aren’t exactly good at rainy weather – the traffic has been horrible – but I find this weather comforting. For me fall is supposed to be cooler, wetter and a bit more overcast. Now that summer is officially over, I’m enjoying this little bit of “real” fall.  

I snapped a few photos of the last flowering bush in our parking lot at work for you. The rain had mostly let up for a few minutes, and the sun was shining it’s brightest as it ducked behind the buildings on it’s way to sleep. I love the tiny drops of water on the flowers and leaves. Seeing the sun peek through all of that green took me, just for a moment, back to the woods I played in as a child.

When I got home this little guy was crawling up my storm door. He was moving pretty quickly for a snail – maybe I scared him getting all up close and personal like that. He never quite stood still enough for me to get a good, clear photo, but I thought I’d share with you anyway.

I hope you stay warm and dry tonight, no matter what the weather outside.


Happy Weekend!

Happy Friday everyone! I’m really looking forward to a fun weekend. Tonight I’m making some fabric buttons with our new 1 1/2 inch button maker and the cute fabric I picked up the other day at Stitch Lab. The hubby and I are headed out to some sales Saturday in the early morning (I never would have thought I’d be getting up earlier on Saturdays than weekdays, but what can I say, the early bird gets the deal!). Then after a nap we’re hosting poker with a few friends – wish me luck!  Sunday we’re headed to the Citywide Garage Sale for some research – we’re hoping to get a space there sometime in the next few months.  And I’m definitely hoping to get a few minutes here and there to enjoy the latest issue of Marie Claire Idees, and play with my IPHONE 4 that just came in the mail! (I have to figure out the camera! This picture is a bit fuzzy)

Wishing all of you a happy weekend!

Get Your Crafty On!

If you’re in Austin this weekend the Renegade Craft Fair is a can’t-miss event! I’ve been pumped ever since I heard about it months ago, but now, with less than 24 hours to wait, I’m practically giddy! Seriously, click over and see what’s going on, and get yourself on over!

Etsy Blossoms

Today’s Etsy Blossoms are all fabric designers selling their original designs  by the fat quarter, or yard. I am so tickled that new technologies allow artists and crafters to create a tangible product out of their imagination!  So without further ado, here are five designers selling beautiful fabrics on Etsy!

Above is Daisy Janie who sells original designs printed on organic fabrics, as well as empowering quote prints. She wholesales through her website, and has an engaging blog – you know, one of those that really makes you feel like you know the author?

Swanky Swell is a fabric designer out of San Francisco and also showcases interior design ideas, decorating finds, local SF events and more on her blog. There are some great photos of chairs reupholstered in her fabrics on her blog, which I think is a great way to showcase the fabrics!

Studio 80 designs fabric, stitches up cute wallets, purses and more. She’s also created some fun garden sculptures out of glassware (vases, plates, cups) that would be so fun in my mom’s garden (my garden is, right now, an overgrown lawn and some mostly dead plants, unfortunately. Maybe one day…).

Scarlet Fig is an Austin based fabric designer selling on Etsy, but also hitting the big time these days with designs for Robert Kaufman Fabrics being just the beginning, I think. I just love the fun animal prints – especially the donkeys in wellie boots – how fun is that! Don’t forget to stop by her blog for more colorful inspiration!

I love the bright colors and cheery florals of Wonderfluffshop. The dotty fabric in the top left corner really inspires me! (I love dots…)  She also has a pretty website, fun blog, and beautiful paper creations on her other Etsy shop, PaperPieShop. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed Etsy Blossoms this week. I know I’ve been inspired by all of these creative folks. I love seeing other people making a go of what they love to do. I feel like hubby and I are just starting on this path to do the same, and knowing so many other sare doing it, and being successful, is so encouraging!  Happy Thursday everyone!

Daily Blossom

I started in Austin today, and found myself suddenly in Scotland and Australia – what a trip! I found cool fabrics while wandering around the website of Spruce Upholstery here in Austin.  They offer a chair reupholstering class that is now on my wishlist!  Above is fabric by Ink & Spindle out of Australia. They hand print fabrics ethically and sustainably and have some cute items in their shop.   I especially love the sewing kits! Below is a great print by Timorous Beasties out of Glasgow. Seriously, look closely at the patterns – they are, just as the website says, “surreal and provocative” and “uncompromisingly contemporary.” I just can’t think of a better way to say it – you have to go look for yourself.

Daily Blossom

Since I moved to Austin in 2005 I’ve been tickled with the things I see on the street here. If I could take pictures and drive I would have one heck of a photo essay! However, as I would like to remain alive I try not to take pictures while I’m actually driving. Luckily for me the most recent fabulous thing I’ve seen has been documented by the Austin American Statesman.

I don’t know if “yarn bombing” or “knit graffiti” has made it to your city, but if it hasn’t, just keep your eyes open (or start it yourself…). I occasionally see street signs with the posts covered in a knit cozy, and it makes me smile. But yesterday, on my way to work, I saw the fabulous knit-covered signs above!  There’s an underpass with signs that at some point in the past were an art installation from Whole Foods.  Since I’ve seen them they’ve just been boring blue signs – but no longer! Now they’re brightly-colored yarn-covered beauties! How can you do anything but smile when you see something like this?  So, while they’re not actually flowers, they’ve brightened my day as much as flowers do, so these lovely signs are today’s Daily Blossom.  These signs are the work of  artist Magda Sayeg – known for her knitted graffiti art that can be seen all over the world – really! (her website is really cute guys – go look at it!)

All photos are from Ricardo B. Brazziell AUSTIN AMERICAN-STATESMAN and can be found online here.

Daily Blossom

This moth was sipping away at the flowers on a tree called Eve’s Necklace. I didn’t realize that moths ate nectar – I always think about them eating sweaters, don’t you?