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Etsy Blossoms

I love these pillows by utilitarianfranchise. They’re cool and clever, and I think I need some for my living room! They were recently featured on Apartment Therapy too!Uniqueartpendants makes some great jewelry. I had a hard time picking pieces to show – they were all so beautiful.  I love the different collections her pieces are grouped into. It’s easy to see why these little works of arts are carried in so many museums!I love tiny things, and these books by Ruth Bleakley are superb mini treasures. Of course, not all of her books and journals are tiny, and all of them are fabulous!Aren’t the little moth notecards by Moth to a Flame great? I love that they’re actually moth-shaped! After browsing through the beautiful goods here, be sure to check out her other shops, Unearthed Elements, La Petite Abeille Ruche and The Milliner’s Daughter.WrenWillow has silkscreened hand dyed tees for every member of the family – even the dog –  in ridiculously cute designs.  I love the mandolin, and the VW, and of course the luna moth.  Check out her other shop – ArtHistory101 – for more tees, this time art history themed, and buttons and magnets with quotes and art history questions and answers.


Paper Love


One of my regular reads is Amy Karol’s angry chicken blog.  Through her blog I discovered upon a fold – a beautiful paper store and blog run by Justine and Matt. I’ve been considering paper today – a new project is brewing – so I think it’s quite serendipitous that I found such wonderful paper inspiration to enjoy. And of course, I had to share with you my dear readers!


The pictures on their blog from a recent trip to Tokyo are simply mouthwatering! They inspired me all on their own, before I even glanced at the store.  But then once I did I just fell in love with these flowers above. I don’t think I can afford the shipping from Australia right now, but perhaps I can splurge on a birthday treat in a couple of months!

And I love this Japanese diorama

and these rainbow hoop earrings,


and these cool file folders that transform into a box with a few folds,

and this fabulous Escher-inspired art … I could go on and on!

If you’re looking to create some of your own paper wonders, they also have books  and what paper shop would be complete without stationary?  I hope you have as much fun with their shop as I did!

Supermarket Shopping

I thought since I discovered Supermarket yesterday I’d share some pretty floral fun I ran across while browsing.  First up is Ryan Green of Wicked Mint. By the way, Ryan has not one but TWO fabulous blogs. Wicked Mint (where I found a link to THIS – have to make it!) and Career Cats – LOVE IT!  I’m inspired to give in to Spike and Leo’s demands for a photo shoot!

Next is FELTgood, with the most beautiful felt jewelry featuring black & white photographic images. I love these!

Finally, perch! with lovely ceramics. I love all of these clean beautiful functional pieces.  Happy Thursday everyone!

Scoutie Girl and Supermarket







To my sister: stop reading. Really. You don’t want to know what I found.  Money will be spent, I promise you, if you continue.

I was wandering along this morning, going through my Delicious  bookmarks looking for something to share with you guys, when I made a wonderful discovery!  I started out Scoutie Girl, which I bookmarked recently and will have to make one of my daily stops – I’m so inspired from reading just for a few minutes! The ads alone – a treasure trove of artists and crafters and designers… and I had to just close my eyes and close the window when I clicked on her other blog, Big Thinking for Small Businesses, or I’d never get to my day job today! I did read her open letter to Oprah, which brought me to my discovery – Supermarket!  How I’ve managed to miss this online marketplace that sells “Great design. Straight from designers” I will never know. Now that I’ve found it I’m so excited to wander and shop. Go there! (Unless you’re my sister – don’t do it!)

Daily Blossom

The first thing I found at the Renegade Craft Fair was these fabulous illustrations by Lisa Chow, of Apt3305. I bought a few of her cards, and I’ve bookmarked her Etsy shop for further purchases. I love her sweet little houses and their whimsical settings.

My second purchase was from Amy of Craft Chi. I only came home with some adorable rubber stamps…

But my sister went home with a sweet little pouch. Then after she got home she headed straight to the Craft Chi Etsy shop and bought several pieces of the hand printed cicada wing fabric for her own projects.  I love that in addition to beautiful tea towels, pillow covers, and tee shirts she also makes supplies – rubber stamps, ready-to-go screens for printing, and fabric by the yard.

Speaking of supplies, I finally got some washi tape from Tinted Mint. I brought the green tape below, and I’m not sure what I’m going to use it for, but I know it will be fun!

And how could I pass up these adorable peacock earrings? (mine are made of wood) Isette’s shop made me wish for just a moment I had the funds and aptitude for my own laser cutter….and then I thought, why? I can just buy fabulous pieces like this fern pin you can get on Isette’s Etsy shop!

I guess I’ll end with the cool skull and cross utensils dish I bought for my hubby from foldedpigs. I was tickled to find that Meredith uses repurposed restaurant ware made by Homer Laughlin China Company. So really, her pieces go with my Fiesta Dinnerware collection! Maybe I’ll have to add some brains and hearts…

Daily Blossom

Now that we’ve found so much fabulous fabric, what to do with it? The options are endless – upholster furniture, make a wallet, make your own clothes, make a quilt, cover a wall…  I like to make skirts – they’re easy, quick, and a fun way to show off my favorite flowery fabrics. I’ve also been making these buttons with our new button machine and snippets of fabric.

If you want to make something but would like to brush up on your sewing skills, or learn some from the beginning, there are a million books out there. I’ve been eyeing Bend-the-Rules Sewing by Amy Karol (who has a super-cool blog), and I recently found The Vogue Sewing Book at a church tag sale. The lady who sold it to me said it was a great reference, but I haven’t cracked it yet…

Have a great weekend everyone!

Etsy Blossoms

Today’s Etsy Blossoms are all fabric designers selling their original designs  by the fat quarter, or yard. I am so tickled that new technologies allow artists and crafters to create a tangible product out of their imagination!  So without further ado, here are five designers selling beautiful fabrics on Etsy!

Above is Daisy Janie who sells original designs printed on organic fabrics, as well as empowering quote prints. She wholesales through her website, and has an engaging blog – you know, one of those that really makes you feel like you know the author?

Swanky Swell is a fabric designer out of San Francisco and also showcases interior design ideas, decorating finds, local SF events and more on her blog. There are some great photos of chairs reupholstered in her fabrics on her blog, which I think is a great way to showcase the fabrics!

Studio 80 designs fabric, stitches up cute wallets, purses and more. She’s also created some fun garden sculptures out of glassware (vases, plates, cups) that would be so fun in my mom’s garden (my garden is, right now, an overgrown lawn and some mostly dead plants, unfortunately. Maybe one day…).

Scarlet Fig is an Austin based fabric designer selling on Etsy, but also hitting the big time these days with designs for Robert Kaufman Fabrics being just the beginning, I think. I just love the fun animal prints – especially the donkeys in wellie boots – how fun is that! Don’t forget to stop by her blog for more colorful inspiration!

I love the bright colors and cheery florals of Wonderfluffshop. The dotty fabric in the top left corner really inspires me! (I love dots…)  She also has a pretty website, fun blog, and beautiful paper creations on her other Etsy shop, PaperPieShop. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed Etsy Blossoms this week. I know I’ve been inspired by all of these creative folks. I love seeing other people making a go of what they love to do. I feel like hubby and I are just starting on this path to do the same, and knowing so many other sare doing it, and being successful, is so encouraging!  Happy Thursday everyone!