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Etsy Blossoms

I love these pillows by utilitarianfranchise. They’re cool and clever, and I think I need some for my living room! They were recently featured on Apartment Therapy too!Uniqueartpendants makes some great jewelry. I had a hard time picking pieces to show – they were all so beautiful.  I love the different collections her pieces are grouped into. It’s easy to see why these little works of arts are carried in so many museums!I love tiny things, and these books by Ruth Bleakley are superb mini treasures. Of course, not all of her books and journals are tiny, and all of them are fabulous!Aren’t the little moth notecards by Moth to a Flame great? I love that they’re actually moth-shaped! After browsing through the beautiful goods here, be sure to check out her other shops, Unearthed Elements, La Petite Abeille Ruche and The Milliner’s Daughter.WrenWillow has silkscreened hand dyed tees for every member of the family – even the dog –  in ridiculously cute designs.  I love the mandolin, and the VW, and of course the luna moth.  Check out her other shop – ArtHistory101 – for more tees, this time art history themed, and buttons and magnets with quotes and art history questions and answers.


A Tree for Tuesday

This vibrant tree was painted by my talented cousin, Katie (the Texas one – I have two cousins Katie!) and is currently on loan from my parents. I have it in my bedroom, where I see it first thing every morning. I hope you enjoy.

August and Everything After

August the Mermaid by AugustEve on Etsy

Happy August everyone! I’m so happy to be through my busy July and back online with you all! Although it’s been a rainy summer, today has been HOT! It was 102 at 1pm, and I’m still chilling out with a big ol’ glass of ice water at 9pm!

August is one of my favorite months.  For starters, my birthday falls right near the beginning. I’m pretty big on birthdays – I love to be able to celebrate with the people I love. Plus, presents are always good!  The whole month feels to me like a warm summer evening.  You know, those evenings when you’re sitting on the porch, it’s the first part of the evening, the day’s work is done and all that’s left is to relax. 

Although it feels like a contradiction to say it, I also love the anticipation that comes with August. It’s back to school time! Now, I don’t have kids, and I haven’t really gone “back to school” in ages, but years of conditioning means I can’t stay away from the school supply aisles this time of year. Not to mention the fun, trendy college dorm things at places like Target and IKEA. Since I really don’t have a reason to stock up I limit myself to just a few school-ish items. Usually a notebook and markers will scratch that itch.

One more reason to love August? It’s officially (in my mind) time to start planning for Christmas! After my birthday I start the planning stages of Christmas in earnest. I’ve already come up with my “theme” for our gifts and some new ideas for decorating, and by the end of the month I’ll be crafting away! 

I thought I’d share a couple of prints from AugustEve on Etsy, who also has a great Day of the Dead Etsy shop, FlowersOfTheDead. The sunny mermaid above feels like summer to me. And I really love this print below. My mind has been so filled with ideas lately and I’m sure some of them will take flight, just like that red bird!

A Happily Broken Egg by AugustEve on Etsy

Etsy Blossoms – Logo Inspiration

I’m working on ideas for a logo – I think it’s a bit overdue! (sort of like this post – hey, it’s still Thursday!) I’ve probably been over thinking it.  My sister is helping me with her newly developing graphic design skills.  Today’s Etsy finds are pretty bits of inspiration for my new logo. The photo above is from Hey Zee, and I saw it on Decor8 (I think?) a while back and bookmarked it. I absolutely love everything about it, and if I had to pick one inspiration for my new logo this would be it. I’m wanting something bright and fun, but also soft and dreamy, which all of her photos are. I love repeating patterns like the rows of lightbulbs on this carnival ride, and I love the rainbow of colors. Zee also has a beautiful blog here. So far for my logo I’ve toyed with words written in flowers, free form embroidery, and I played around with creating my own little assemblage of tiny bits to create the name, but I haven’t quite found what I want. So for right now I’m just going to keep looking at pretty things that inspire me, and passing them along to the artist in the family for a new magical creation.

This sweet little key chain is from Lova Revolution (lovahandmade on Etsy). Jodie has lots of felt fun on her blog, and a vintage Etsy shop as well!

This photo, titled “roy g biv,” is by Shannonblue Photography (shannonpix on Etsy). Shannon has a beautiful blog of her own, as well as a fun collaborative project with fellow photographer Cassia Beck called Every Day.

These exuberant balloons are from Enamor Photography (enamorphoto on Etsy).

I love this exotic Indian pillow – one of many gorgeous designer pillows from PARK by matt & carlos (carlossantiago on Etsy).  A slightly different take on a “rainbow” palette, but look at the repeating patterns!

Daily Blossom

I was wandering through Flickr the other day, I can’t remember what I was initially looking for, but what I found was something wonderful!  Stuffed matchboxes.

These are by Jen, jennecy on Flickr.  It seems like these lovely little treasure chests are primarily done for swaps. I love everything about them!  Makes me want to get crafty… Do any of you participate in swaps? I was inspired by these matchboxes to start my profile on swap-bot. Maybe I’ll take the plunge and actually join some swaps!

Check out the rest of the tiny marvels in the Flickr group International Championship League of Matchbox Stuffers. I can’t think of a better use for my miniature collection.

Daily Blossom

I’m taking an ecourse called “Flying Lessons” from Kelly Rae Roberts. It’s an amazing thing, I’m a bit behind and trying to catch up. Every bit of it is amazing and thought provoking – there are literally hundreds of amazing people also in the class. I’ll definitely be sharing some of their beautiful blogs and websites here. For today I just had to share this video. It’s by Jen Gray and is inspirational and peaceful and happy and lovely…I could go on, but why don’t you just watch it? And while you’re at it, watch some of her other videos on her You Tube channel. Happy Tuesday everyone!

Daily Blossom

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. If you’re not quite feeling Monday yet (I know I’m not) here are some links to get lost in. Happy daydreaming!

The photo above is from Gabrielle Kai Photography. I could spend all day wandering through her dreamy blog.

I Heart Wood is entrancing. These toys look so fun!

How About Orange is perfect if you’re feeling crafty. There are more tutorials than you can shake a stick at, including the ridiculously cute mid-century clock magnets above.

Bakerella makes me want to bake – even in my tiny kitchen.  Keep your eyes open for her book on CAKE POPS! mmmmm…

Finally, Sweet Tidings has so many hand made finds. I love these rubber stamps from Yozo Craft – so cute!