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A Moth for Monday

Photo by Lynette Schimming, found on bugguide.net

Happy Monday everyone – hope your week is off to a good start. I’m enjoying a little cool fall weather here in Austin – it’s only in the 80s today, and will dip into the low 70s tonight! I love the fall and it’s so nice to get a little taste of fall down here in Austin – it doesn’t happen very often. This cool(ish) weather, combined with the fact that October is fast approaching has me in full-on fall-fever. I’m toying with forest-related crafts ideas lately, and one that I thought of was making some felt moths for my yarn wreaths. Moths are one of those things I don’t immediately consider, but when I do I realize how incredibly beautiful they are. Something about them seems much more fall-ish and forest-y than summery butterflies. I’ll share some photos once I create some creatures. In the meantime you should check out bugguide.net for some great photos of moths and other critters.