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I’ve been having such a hard time posting for the past few weeks. I’m sorry I’ve been slacking off. Sometimes it’s an odd thing, this blogging. I really do love it, I love that I have a reason to write, and that I get to share things that inspire me. Then again, there are times that I simply need a break from being online. Like so many people I spend my workdays in front of a computer. Sometimes the last thing I want to do when I get home is get out my computer and start in again, even if it’s something I enjoy. So for the past few weeks my home computer has been off and in the corner, and I’ve spent my evenings and weekends mostly offline. And just to prepare you, I have a lot going on between now and December, so posting will continue to be a little less daily.  The good news is everything I have going on is inspiring and I’m already excited to share! I hope you enjoy today’s little sneak peek, starting with the colors and textures above that have me inspired to redecorate (maybe…).  

Top Chef Just Desserts and Lucent Dossier – flaming desserts and smokey sensual sideshow awesomeness – what more can you ask for? 

State Parks – cool crisp air just begs to be enjoyed, don’t you think? This past weekend I went we headed out to see this waterfall and I’m hoping the future will hold trips to see colorful maples, and this Indian lodge

Holiday crafting! My sister and I just bought a Cricut machine  and  we’re going to start by using the machine to cut out designs from Contact paper for a glass-etching project similar to the one above from Martha Stewart (I’ll share a tutorial with you next week!) 

Etsy emails make my day. I especially love the collections in Etsy Finds – they give me a fix on those days when I don’t get a chance to explore on my own, and introduce me to things I may never have even thought of. I found this fine silver leaf ring and this modern macrame last week.
I think Cooking Light will be my new magazine addiction. We’ve been trying to eat healthier lately, and it’s so nice to have the calories, fat, and all that other stuff figured out for you without having to eat prepared processed meals. 
Always inspiring is Marie Claire Idees. I stalked the bookstore last week waiting for the latest issue to appear on the shelves. I dog-eared so many pages I may as well have marked the whole magazine! If you can’t find it where you are the blog has lots of beautiful inspiration, and lots of French practice!
I can’t remember how I found the blog even*cleveland, but once I got lost for almost an hour! I love the smooth flow of posts, a beautiful stream of consciousness that carries the reader along with it. For me it’s becoming my mid-day resting place, when I need an escape from the day’s drama. 

Chai tea recipes – it’s so easy to make from scratch, and I’ll share my new favorite with you later this week.
And finally, my recent personal soundtrack…

Matt Pond Pa
Courtyard Hounds
Band of Horses  
Sam Phillips  
Nina Simone 

Hope you find something to inspire you among these links!


Paper Love


One of my regular reads is Amy Karol’s angry chicken blog.  Through her blog I discovered upon a fold – a beautiful paper store and blog run by Justine and Matt. I’ve been considering paper today – a new project is brewing – so I think it’s quite serendipitous that I found such wonderful paper inspiration to enjoy. And of course, I had to share with you my dear readers!


The pictures on their blog from a recent trip to Tokyo are simply mouthwatering! They inspired me all on their own, before I even glanced at the store.  But then once I did I just fell in love with these flowers above. I don’t think I can afford the shipping from Australia right now, but perhaps I can splurge on a birthday treat in a couple of months!

And I love this Japanese diorama

and these rainbow hoop earrings,


and these cool file folders that transform into a box with a few folds,

and this fabulous Escher-inspired art … I could go on and on!

If you’re looking to create some of your own paper wonders, they also have books  and what paper shop would be complete without stationary?  I hope you have as much fun with their shop as I did!

A new header, and a new look!

I’m so excited! Last night I hung out with my sister while she put the finishing touches on my new logo, a new blog header (in my new template – what do you think?), and my blossom daily Etsy header! She also created a header for my new vintage Etsy shop, secondhand blossoms! I love the bright flowers and rounded turquoise lettering on both of these! (Am I overusing my exclamation points?! That’s how excited I am!!!)

I have a fun weekend planned – I get to hang out with my two favorite nieces again this weekend, and also go see some movies with my brother and his wife, my sister, and my husband. I’m so looking forward to it!  I hope you get to spend time with your favorite people this weekend too, and you enjoy every minute!

Supermarket Shopping

I thought since I discovered Supermarket yesterday I’d share some pretty floral fun I ran across while browsing.  First up is Ryan Green of Wicked Mint. By the way, Ryan has not one but TWO fabulous blogs. Wicked Mint (where I found a link to THIS – have to make it!) and Career Cats – LOVE IT!  I’m inspired to give in to Spike and Leo’s demands for a photo shoot!

Next is FELTgood, with the most beautiful felt jewelry featuring black & white photographic images. I love these!

Finally, perch! with lovely ceramics. I love all of these clean beautiful functional pieces.  Happy Thursday everyone!

Etsy Blossoms – Logo Inspiration

I’m working on ideas for a logo – I think it’s a bit overdue! (sort of like this post – hey, it’s still Thursday!) I’ve probably been over thinking it.  My sister is helping me with her newly developing graphic design skills.  Today’s Etsy finds are pretty bits of inspiration for my new logo. The photo above is from Hey Zee, and I saw it on Decor8 (I think?) a while back and bookmarked it. I absolutely love everything about it, and if I had to pick one inspiration for my new logo this would be it. I’m wanting something bright and fun, but also soft and dreamy, which all of her photos are. I love repeating patterns like the rows of lightbulbs on this carnival ride, and I love the rainbow of colors. Zee also has a beautiful blog here. So far for my logo I’ve toyed with words written in flowers, free form embroidery, and I played around with creating my own little assemblage of tiny bits to create the name, but I haven’t quite found what I want. So for right now I’m just going to keep looking at pretty things that inspire me, and passing them along to the artist in the family for a new magical creation.

This sweet little key chain is from Lova Revolution (lovahandmade on Etsy). Jodie has lots of felt fun on her blog, and a vintage Etsy shop as well!

This photo, titled “roy g biv,” is by Shannonblue Photography (shannonpix on Etsy). Shannon has a beautiful blog of her own, as well as a fun collaborative project with fellow photographer Cassia Beck called Every Day.

These exuberant balloons are from Enamor Photography (enamorphoto on Etsy).

I love this exotic Indian pillow – one of many gorgeous designer pillows from PARK by matt & carlos (carlossantiago on Etsy).  A slightly different take on a “rainbow” palette, but look at the repeating patterns!

Daily Blossom

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. If you’re not quite feeling Monday yet (I know I’m not) here are some links to get lost in. Happy daydreaming!

The photo above is from Gabrielle Kai Photography. I could spend all day wandering through her dreamy blog.

I Heart Wood is entrancing. These toys look so fun!

How About Orange is perfect if you’re feeling crafty. There are more tutorials than you can shake a stick at, including the ridiculously cute mid-century clock magnets above.

Bakerella makes me want to bake – even in my tiny kitchen.  Keep your eyes open for her book on CAKE POPS! mmmmm…

Finally, Sweet Tidings has so many hand made finds. I love these rubber stamps from Yozo Craft – so cute!

Etsy Blossoms

I’ve found some sweet handmade flowers on Etsy this week. I hope you enjoy them! The dreamy tissue paper pompoms above are from Pom Love . My sister purchased some of her poms for her bedroom and they’re beautiful! Right now there’s a sale going on…10 poms for the price of 7, so now’s a great time to redecorate! You can find more pom love on her  blog and Facebook

The pretty paper flowers above were made by Suzanne and are available on her Etsy shop, Scrapbooking Outside the Box.  I love the color palletes she uses! These flowers were featured in the June issue of “Brides” magazine – congratulations Suzanne!

Stained glass makes me happy. Putting that little bit of brightness in a window I like the variety of designs available from LA Glass. How cute is that ladybug? And the star is so bright and pretty, and the stripey panel, and the heart…I could go on, and on…but I’ll let you find your own favorites on her Etsy shop. Don’t forget to stop by her blog and Facebook!

Finally here are some colorful crocheted and knitted blossoms from Petal Therapy (don’t you love that name?).  I love the combinations of yarns she uses on her happy little flowers. Go buy some! Happy Thursday everyone!