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Wet Wednesday

It’s raining again today – it’s been a very wet month here in Austin. Apparently the wettest on record since 1921. Central Texans aren’t exactly good at rainy weather – the traffic has been horrible – but I find this weather comforting. For me fall is supposed to be cooler, wetter and a bit more overcast. Now that summer is officially over, I’m enjoying this little bit of “real” fall.  

I snapped a few photos of the last flowering bush in our parking lot at work for you. The rain had mostly let up for a few minutes, and the sun was shining it’s brightest as it ducked behind the buildings on it’s way to sleep. I love the tiny drops of water on the flowers and leaves. Seeing the sun peek through all of that green took me, just for a moment, back to the woods I played in as a child.

When I got home this little guy was crawling up my storm door. He was moving pretty quickly for a snail – maybe I scared him getting all up close and personal like that. He never quite stood still enough for me to get a good, clear photo, but I thought I’d share with you anyway.

I hope you stay warm and dry tonight, no matter what the weather outside.


A Moth for Monday

Photo by Lynette Schimming, found on bugguide.net

Happy Monday everyone – hope your week is off to a good start. I’m enjoying a little cool fall weather here in Austin – it’s only in the 80s today, and will dip into the low 70s tonight! I love the fall and it’s so nice to get a little taste of fall down here in Austin – it doesn’t happen very often. This cool(ish) weather, combined with the fact that October is fast approaching has me in full-on fall-fever. I’m toying with forest-related crafts ideas lately, and one that I thought of was making some felt moths for my yarn wreaths. Moths are one of those things I don’t immediately consider, but when I do I realize how incredibly beautiful they are. Something about them seems much more fall-ish and forest-y than summery butterflies. I’ll share some photos once I create some creatures. In the meantime you should check out bugguide.net for some great photos of moths and other critters.

It Blooms Again

Hey yall, sorry for the continuing absence. The past couple of weeks I’ve been feeling pretty crappy, but I think (hope!) I’m back on track health-wise (fingers crossed!).  I’ve been missing posting and connecting with you all!  I’ve been thinking of lots of things to share, and I hope you enjoy the fruits of my downtime!  Today I’ve got a gorgeous flower, from my Mom’s back yard. I probably shared her Pride of Barbados before, but this year it’s even bigger and better! I think in another year it will cover half the yard! Oh – and I took this with my new iPhone – I think I’m figuring out the camera!

Stop by later this week for an Anthropologie-inspired tutorial, courtesy of my sister, some cool blogs, of course some great Etsy finds, and a new column I hope you’ll enjoy! Have a great week everyone!

Etsy Blossoms

It’s back to school time! I still love new notebooks and pens, even though I’m not headed back to school anymore. Today’s Etsy Blossoms are too cool for school, and you will be too if you stuff your backpack with these goodies!  First up is Crown Bindery. I oohed and aahed over their notebooks and binders at the Austin Renegade Craft Fair a few months ago.  I love the clean looks and fabulous papers of these notebooks and binders! Just as tempting are the paper pockets and paper chain kits at sister school Crown Paperie.  And who wouldn’t want an adorable clothesline kit with cute little papered clothespins? Perfect for hanging everything from crayon masterpieces and report cards to magazine tear sheets and beautiful business cards. Pick one out at the third jewel of a shop, The Papered Crown.  For even more office-y goodness visit Carla’s blog, handmade. home. office.

There’s nothing like a pretty pen to brighten up your day. These from Polymer Clay Shed are gorgeous! The designs are so detailed and colorful! I’d love to add some of these paper clips to my collection! And why not add a keychain with a secret compartment and a pretty little pill box to your stash of goodies?  If you need just a little more polymer clay pretty you should stop by Crafts by CAG for beads and jewelry and the Polymer Clay Shed blog.

Aren’t these the coolest crayons you’ve ever seen? They were made by 7 year old Max (with the help of mom) and are available at MadebyMAXX.  I think any kid (or grown up, really, let’s be honest!) would love a set of crayons that spell out their name. And I know quite a few folks who will be getting skull crayons sometime soon! 

Something new for back to school – is reusable fabric sandwich and snack bags by Cotton Top Quilts.   I love these – practical, green, and pretty! I love the travel trash bins too. My mom has been looking for a trash container for her car, and I think this one will be perfect!  And for your regular crayons, a coloring wallet, of course!  You can find more from Paula at her other Etsy shop, Elgies, and you can buy fabric from her to create your own pouches, bags, and whatever else you want at Cotton Top Fabrics.

Finally, here are some sweet pencil boxes, pill boxes, baskets and frames from Mmim. I love the old-school feel of the Dick & Jane pencil box, and the skip ahead a couple of decades to the yellow #2 box. I’m all about trees and houses right now, so you know I want the tiny tree pill box and the light switch plate covered in little houses all in a row. Mmim has some great sales going on right now too!

Hope you’ve found something cool for your backpack! Have a great day all!

Flower Chicken Craft

I was a bit short on time this morning, and my mind was a complete blank when I tried to come up with something to share with you guys. In a moment of randomness I got on Google Images and typed in “Flower Chicken Craft.”  I know, I’m weird. But, as luck would have it, there’s a pretty awesome little tutorial called “The Flying Chicken Box” on baublegarden’s blog that just happened to come up in my search results. Above is the unassembled box, which Angela, the author, likened to a flying chicken.

And this is the box in the process of being assembled. And then below, the finished boxes – so tiny! And when assembled, the box no longer looks like a flying chicken – instead it has a little flower on top. Flower Chicken Craft. Awesome. I know I’m going to use these for Christmas presents – I’m not sure what I’ll put in them yet, but I’ll come up with something! And, to make things even easier, she has a template posted on her site! How fun!  What would you put in one?

A new header, and a new look!

I’m so excited! Last night I hung out with my sister while she put the finishing touches on my new logo, a new blog header (in my new template – what do you think?), and my blossom daily Etsy header! She also created a header for my new vintage Etsy shop, secondhand blossoms! I love the bright flowers and rounded turquoise lettering on both of these! (Am I overusing my exclamation points?! That’s how excited I am!!!)

I have a fun weekend planned – I get to hang out with my two favorite nieces again this weekend, and also go see some movies with my brother and his wife, my sister, and my husband. I’m so looking forward to it!  I hope you get to spend time with your favorite people this weekend too, and you enjoy every minute!

Sewing Tutorials on Ruffles and Stuff

My older niece recently had a birthday. Of late she’s been very interested in becoming a fashion designer, and she decided she wants to learn to sew. I put together a fun sewing kit as a birthday present, along with the books My Wonderful World of Fashion and Sew Fast Sew Easy for her present, and I was wandering around online looking for some sewing tutorials to include when I discovered Ruffles and Stuff.  This pretty blog by a woman named Disney is a treasure trove of sewing and crafting tutorials! The basic sewing tutorials are so clear I think I’ll even try out shirring!  I guarantee you’ll find something inspiring when you browse through the tutorials. The photo above shows her Peony Hair Clips (and how versatile they are!).  Below is the cutest project – a Pom-Pom Lamp made from plastic microwave plate covers!  So easy and so adorable! I hope you have a moment to stop by and find something fun to make!