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Etsy Blossoms

I love these pillows by utilitarianfranchise. They’re cool and clever, and I think I need some for my living room! They were recently featured on Apartment Therapy too!Uniqueartpendants makes some great jewelry. I had a hard time picking pieces to show – they were all so beautiful.  I love the different collections her pieces are grouped into. It’s easy to see why these little works of arts are carried in so many museums!I love tiny things, and these books by Ruth Bleakley are superb mini treasures. Of course, not all of her books and journals are tiny, and all of them are fabulous!Aren’t the little moth notecards by Moth to a Flame great? I love that they’re actually moth-shaped! After browsing through the beautiful goods here, be sure to check out her other shops, Unearthed Elements, La Petite Abeille Ruche and The Milliner’s Daughter.WrenWillow has silkscreened hand dyed tees for every member of the family – even the dog –  in ridiculously cute designs.  I love the mandolin, and the VW, and of course the luna moth.  Check out her other shop – ArtHistory101 – for more tees, this time art history themed, and buttons and magnets with quotes and art history questions and answers.


Etsy Blossoms

Hey everyone – happy Thursday!  I hope you’ve all had a good week so far. I have some amazing Etsy deals for you today, and a few tips for making the most of your spending while still supporting indpenedent creators. I have five amazing shops to share today, and I found every one of them by searching for “Clearance.”

First up is the fantastical jewelry of ChYMieRa.  I have a soft spot in my heart for fantasy nightmarish fun, and I love these delicate and dark creations! Her other shop, MayberryGeneralStore, is a cool old-timey shop that seems a perfect, softer twin to the creepy cool of ChYMieRa.Tip: PIF = Pay It Forward, this is a clue that this seller is passing along some great deal in the past to you, in spirit, through her fabulous deals. The idea is that you do the same in the future. There are some great deals out there if you search PIF, and it’s a sweet concept.  Just don’t forget to pass along your good fortune to someone else! AmysPinPals has some great destashing going on right now. I have some of this owl fabric, but in color. So cute! Amy also does custom sewing projects and has some beautiful examples up in her shop.  Tip – search for destash and take advantage of other folks clearing out their unused supplies!

Wicked Soaps has some wicked deals right now on summery soaps and scents.  The descriptions are simply mouth-watering. I think any time of year is the right time of year for lavender martini soap and milk and honey lotion. Click over to her blog for more soapy goodness and some occasional Robert Pattinson. Tip: off season = big savings!  

Mama feels Bueno stocks beautiful trims and applique that could easily transform a simple garment into something drop-dead gorgeous. I love all of the beautiful butterflies too! Tip: Combine shipping! The shipping on these bits of trim is low to begin with, but when you look at how low it is with another item you’ll buy the shop out!

 Remember When Vintage by butterflyemoon is a nice assortment of vintage goodies, and every single thing in her shop right now is buy-one-get-one half price. I just love the Julie London albums – aren’t they cool! The drum-style ice bucket would be great on a retro bar, even if it’s not Christmas. When you have a moment check out her blog to learn more about her great eco-village learning center plans, and her other Etsy shop, Circle in the Wood for some pretty wire-wrapped jewelry.  Tip: look for storewide sales, and take advantage of them!

To sum up – search for what’s on sale. The terms: “Destash,” “Clearance,” “Sale,” “Discount,” “BOGO,” “PIF” and “Pay it Forward,”  are all good places to start. Combine shipping and look for things that could be categorized as last season. And above all, have fun shopping!

Get Your Crafty On!

If you’re in Austin this weekend the Renegade Craft Fair is a can’t-miss event! I’ve been pumped ever since I heard about it months ago, but now, with less than 24 hours to wait, I’m practically giddy! Seriously, click over and see what’s going on, and get yourself on over!

Etsy Blossoms

Wow! What a week it’s been! I’m so glad to be back online with you guys.  We had a bit of a scare and an emergency room visit over the past week, but everyone is OK now. Turns out I’m not the only one in the family who is a fainter. OK, on to Etsy fun!The photos above are of from sosovintage. I love her vintage fabric packs – what a fantastic idea, especially since so many of the vintage linens and fabrics you find have stains or holes. And I must mention the rose Fiestaware pitcher – I don’t have that color! Definitely take a moment to poke around this cute shop – I love everything there!  She also has an “eco friendly crochet boutique” on Etsy – sosorosey, and a cute blog, complete with a “Price is Right” style game!These dreamy photos are from foxontherun, and make me wistful for childhood and the east coast (I never see Queen Anne’s Lace around here!). I love the sleepy look of lomography, and these photos inspire me to take out my toy lomo camera (or at least get the two rolls of film I’ve been carrying around developed!).  I think I might need three or four of these!

More vintage here, from bluebiredvintage. I love the happy mug at the top – wouldn’t it brighten your morning to have your tea/coffee/diet coke in this mug? And bluebirdvintage is one of those “undiscovered” Etsy shops with only a few sales, but a great aesthetic – go buy something!This colorful collection is from art2theextreme. I think the rainbow crayons are so much fun – look at that butterfly! What kid (or grown-up…) wouldn’t love to color with something so fun? And the T-shirt quilt is great! I like the addition of solid squares to make the printed pieces pop.  You can read more about her and even get a coupon code right now by going to her blog. Well, what are you waiting for? Finally, some beautiful creations from MiaBeads. These flower hair pins are just yummy – the color combinations (and names!) really evoke a mood, don’t you think? I really like the sweet lovebird earrings too! Also check out her sweet blog and paper goods Etsy shop – PaperPumpkin.

Daily Blossom


I ran across this necklace on Etsy the other day from bayly and really liked it. It’s kind of chunky and modern but at the same time feels very Victorian. I wanted to share it with you and I hope you have time today to check out her shop! I’m running behind so I will be back tomorrow with more! Have a great day!

Yardsale Treasures

yardsale finds, originally uploaded by blossomdaily.

Although we had originally planned to spend Saturday morning at the movies, when I wandered onto Craigslist and saw all of the garage sales going on, I proposed a change of plans. My husband and sister were more than happy to postpone Star Trek till Sunday, and we set out Saturday morning around 8am, armed with kolaches and little money, to see what we could find. For five hours we drove around southwest Austin, going from one neighborhood sale to the next (seriously, there were more than 10 neighborhood sales just in our part of town, despite the threat of rain). I am so tickled with my finds. In addition to all of the goodies in the picture above (I finally got on flickr, and I’ve added tags to this photo – click on it for more information!) I found a sewing desk for $20, and my husband found a leather footstool for $10. He also found his favorite childhood toy, a Micronauts play set, brand new, still in the package, for a quarter. He was completely beside himself! All in all it was a fabulous day! At our last neighborhood the impending storm finally broke, and we had to call it quits. We were meeting some friends for a cookout at a park, but the rain sent us indoors, for Mexican food (of course). All in all it was a great day!

Daily Blossom


Happy Friday everyone! I took today off so I slept in – sorry for the late post! I don’t know how the weather is where you are, but here in Austin it’s been HOT. When I first moved to Texas a coworker informed me that there are two seasons here. Hot and hotter. I’d add warm to that – I think it covers the dead of winter. The reason I ruminate on the weather is…I am in such a summer mood! I’m ready to pack up and head to the beach for the weekend, or grill out, or host a backyard gathering with everyone draped over lawn chairs with frozen beverages. I think this necklace, by Catane, would work equally well in each scenario!  Doesn’t it just make you feel like summer?