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A Tree for Tuesday

This vibrant tree was painted by my talented cousin, Katie (the Texas one – I have two cousins Katie!) and is currently on loan from my parents. I have it in my bedroom, where I see it first thing every morning. I hope you enjoy.


Daily Blossom


Happy Wednesday everyone! Hope your morning is going swimmingly. I’m running a little late this morning, and I pulled something from my wish-list (I’ll have to post that someday) to share with you.  A few months ago I picked up a small oil painting at a garage sale. As soon as I saw it I flashed back to the picture wall Nathan did in the Season 2 finale of “Top Design.”  (Does anyone remember that?) I SO want a wall like that. I’ve been looking at garage sales and thrift stores on a regular basis for small pieces I feel would fit, but for some reason I hand’t thought to look on Etsy. I always go there for handmade, but sort of forget about the vintage end of things. I don’t think I’ll forget again – I found this sweet little painting that I think I have to have. I need to wait until next payday to get it, and I’m crossing my fingers it’s still there! It’s from seller Canemah Studios.  Tell me what you would put on your picture wall? What paintings or photos would you love to see grouped in your home?

Art City Austin

What a great weekend I had! Saturday my sister and I hit the town, enjoying some fabulous art festivals. There were so many great pieces of art I would have loved to bring home, but they were mostly out of my price range. I did bring home stacks of business cards to add to my wish list! Here are some of my favorites.


Yvonne Miller specializes in pop-art pet portraits, but I like her other work as well (or maybe even better?).


Stephanie Strange (from nearby Bastrop, TX) works with typewriter keys and graphite – she has some very intersting pieces – I love the use of typography and her great organic shapes.


Chris Dahlquist does dreamy mixed media pieces with photographs printed on gold-painted steel.



Lisa Loudermilk and her husband


Rick Loudermilk have wonderful colorful whimsical pieces.  They’re both Austin artists! Represent ATX!


Stephanie Nance (another Austin artist – I have one of her originals I got when I first moved to Austin!) does fun colorful mixed media pieces.

Obviously I could go on, and on – suffice it to say I had a blast with my sister daydreaming about the art we wanted to own.

Art Festivals This Weekend!

Photo from Art Alliance Austin

My sister and I have planned a day out and about visiting two art festivals today!  Art City Austin is going on downtown and I’m excited about all of the cool artists that are going to be there.  We’re also headed to the Sunset Valley ArtFest and farmer’s market, which will definitley provide a yummy lunch, and hopefully some great art as well. I’ll have with me my new business cards – I can’t wait to show them to you! I’ll post pictures and a short how-to later this weekend. They’re flocked! I’m quite pleased with how they turned out. Maybe I’ll get a chance to make some connections and hand them out!  Have a great Saturday everyone!

Photo from Sunset Valley Farmer's Market

Etsy Art


I caught up with Violetbloom, also known as Abigail Murray, a painter who also happens to be my dear sister. I love the painting above, titled “Goodnight Grace” after a line from a Weepies song.  She has an etsy.com store here and a website here both with images of her beautiful artwork.   I pestered her for a few minutes of her time and had her answer a few questions. I’d love to share them and a few pictures of her studio space here!

Blossomdaily: What mediums do you work in? Which is your favorite?

Abigail: I love the luminart twinkling h2o metallic watercolors, these are about the only watercolors I use now! I dabble in jewelry making, and a few other random crafts, I have worked in printmaking but dont do much of it now. Acrylics and I were made for each other. I love their versatility. I have been working with them for so long, and over time have been perfecting my techniques.

BD: Where do you work?

A: I work at home in a little studio room, the morning sun lights up the place and it is really inspiring. It is just the right size I think, the closet is big enough for my paint and supplies to live in, when I am not using them.  I have some of my newer paintings up in groups on the walls, and i have my computer here as well so i can work on my website when i need to.


BD: Tell me about your website.



A: I like my dot-mac website. It is easy to use because there are templates you can choose from. You drop the pics and words in you want, so I am creating the pages and doing the upkeep myself. I like the freedom that comes with this, but I have had the website for a while, and I think technology is moving on without me! So at some point I hope to catch up and get a whole new webpage.

BD: I know you spend a lot of time on Etsy – what are some of your favorite stores?

A: jNicDesigns is one of my very favorites, I have bought from Jenn several times, and love her handmade jewelry.  I get a lot of skin and body care things from Lauren at DressGreen, her stuff is affordable and all natural. I have bought some lovely gemstone briolettes from GemGourmet as well.

Thanks so much, Abi, for sharing with us! Take a look at more pictures of Abigail’s art and studio!




Etsy and Ebay finds ready for scrapbooking