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Etsy Blossoms

I love these pillows by utilitarianfranchise. They’re cool and clever, and I think I need some for my living room! They were recently featured on Apartment Therapy too!Uniqueartpendants makes some great jewelry. I had a hard time picking pieces to show – they were all so beautiful.  I love the different collections her pieces are grouped into. It’s easy to see why these little works of arts are carried in so many museums!I love tiny things, and these books by Ruth Bleakley are superb mini treasures. Of course, not all of her books and journals are tiny, and all of them are fabulous!Aren’t the little moth notecards by Moth to a Flame great? I love that they’re actually moth-shaped! After browsing through the beautiful goods here, be sure to check out her other shops, Unearthed Elements, La Petite Abeille Ruche and The Milliner’s Daughter.WrenWillow has silkscreened hand dyed tees for every member of the family – even the dog –  in ridiculously cute designs.  I love the mandolin, and the VW, and of course the luna moth.  Check out her other shop – ArtHistory101 – for more tees, this time art history themed, and buttons and magnets with quotes and art history questions and answers.


Etsy Blossoms

Hey everyone – happy Thursday!  I hope you’ve all had a good week so far. I have some amazing Etsy deals for you today, and a few tips for making the most of your spending while still supporting indpenedent creators. I have five amazing shops to share today, and I found every one of them by searching for “Clearance.”

First up is the fantastical jewelry of ChYMieRa.  I have a soft spot in my heart for fantasy nightmarish fun, and I love these delicate and dark creations! Her other shop, MayberryGeneralStore, is a cool old-timey shop that seems a perfect, softer twin to the creepy cool of ChYMieRa.Tip: PIF = Pay It Forward, this is a clue that this seller is passing along some great deal in the past to you, in spirit, through her fabulous deals. The idea is that you do the same in the future. There are some great deals out there if you search PIF, and it’s a sweet concept.  Just don’t forget to pass along your good fortune to someone else! AmysPinPals has some great destashing going on right now. I have some of this owl fabric, but in color. So cute! Amy also does custom sewing projects and has some beautiful examples up in her shop.  Tip – search for destash and take advantage of other folks clearing out their unused supplies!

Wicked Soaps has some wicked deals right now on summery soaps and scents.  The descriptions are simply mouth-watering. I think any time of year is the right time of year for lavender martini soap and milk and honey lotion. Click over to her blog for more soapy goodness and some occasional Robert Pattinson. Tip: off season = big savings!  

Mama feels Bueno stocks beautiful trims and applique that could easily transform a simple garment into something drop-dead gorgeous. I love all of the beautiful butterflies too! Tip: Combine shipping! The shipping on these bits of trim is low to begin with, but when you look at how low it is with another item you’ll buy the shop out!

 Remember When Vintage by butterflyemoon is a nice assortment of vintage goodies, and every single thing in her shop right now is buy-one-get-one half price. I just love the Julie London albums – aren’t they cool! The drum-style ice bucket would be great on a retro bar, even if it’s not Christmas. When you have a moment check out her blog to learn more about her great eco-village learning center plans, and her other Etsy shop, Circle in the Wood for some pretty wire-wrapped jewelry.  Tip: look for storewide sales, and take advantage of them!

To sum up – search for what’s on sale. The terms: “Destash,” “Clearance,” “Sale,” “Discount,” “BOGO,” “PIF” and “Pay it Forward,”  are all good places to start. Combine shipping and look for things that could be categorized as last season. And above all, have fun shopping!

Etsy Blossoms

I’ve got some fun finds today for (a very late) Etsy Blossoms. These finds are the start of a new series here on Blossom Daily.  I’ve been thinking about the holidays and planning gift ideas lately, and I thought it might be fun to do a series on gifts. Today’s Etsy shops all have fantastic building blocks for beautifully wrapped gifts. I’m a firm believer in a beautifully presented present, and the key to that is creativity. These shops make it easy!

First up is The Gilded Bee. These amazing paper products are just crying out to be attached to thoughtful gifts. I love the idea of using paper flowers on simply wrapped packages. You can also see more creativity on her blog.

Have you ever wrapped presents with fabric? I especially love to use fabric with great textures, like the fantastic chenilles on Chenille Bliss.  This great collection of fabric includes some choice bits of barkcloth in addition to the chenille. Don’t forget to check out her Other Etsy shop and Christmas Etsy shop.

I love the muslin printed ribbon and Parisian themes from French Affairs.  There’s just the right amount of classic, ornamental, and a touch of glitter. There are also some great Halloween items in her shop. And don’t forget to check out her Other Etsy shop.

Buttons have so many uses, other than just fastening clothing. The Elusive Lemon has some beautiful buttons – I love these wooden ones. What a great simple packaging idea – a button threaded onto some twine, tied around a gift.

Finally I’m ending with some super-cute vintage themed tags and cards from The Paper Place.  I think the “Baked Goodies” tag at the top would be great on christmas cookies, perhaps with some bakers twine? I love the movie clipboards too – so retro fun!

Have a good week everyone!

Seashell Inspiration

I love going to Anthropologie for inspiration. I can’t afford most of the beautiful things there, though I occasionally splurge on a cute kitchen accessory. Last week my sister was wandering around there and absolutely fell in love with these bottles.

Not so much the price tag though. By the weekend she had a plan to create her own version to display her favorite shells. My Saturday sales-going provided several interesting bottles, and we spent Saturday evening crafting! I tried to take pictures of the process so I could share it with you all!

The first step is to gather your supplies. We used vintage bottles, seashells in assorted sizes, polymer clay, and bakeable adhesive.

After washing the bottles thoroughly and pairing them up the shells, we decided to add small shells inside the bottles, just for decoration.

Next we decided on the colors of polymer clay that would look good with the bottles and shells. We mixed colors for most of them.

We wrapped the lip of the bottle with a thick coil of clay and pressed the shell deeply into the clay.

We pulled the shell out and applied a good thick layer of glue to the clay.

Then, we pressed the shell into the clay again, pressing it around the shell and stabilizing the whole thing.

Then we baked the whole thing according to the polymer clay package. Be sure the combination of your shell and bottle will fit in your oven – we just barely made it!

After cooling, you have a beautiful new display piece. These look great grouped together!

Thanks all, I hope you enjoy! Happy crafting!

Etsy Blossoms – Tomato Obsession

Thinking about the end of summer at the beginning of the week eventually led my mind down the path of tomatoes. Now I can’t stop thinking about them! Yummy, delicious, bright, bumpy tomatoes. So my Etsy blossoms are all tomato-themed tonight! I hope you enjoy!

OK, how can you NOT love the Mental Vegetables, Drinky Poos, and Gourds of Goth from AnthroPoMorphCo? Seriously, I definitely need a Saucy Tomato in my life. And I know it’s a little early to be thinking about Halloween, but how perfect would the Gourds of Goth be for, well, the entire month of October! Go, buy cute stuff!

These watercolors by Bob Fontenot, of bobbyjoefontenot, are portraits of tomatoes from the Fontenot garden, and I think they’re completely mouthwatering.  I think they’d be great in my kitchen…a nice reminder of summer year-round.

I just couldn’t help but smile when I ran across the napkins above by shesocreative. That smile just got bigger the longer I looked at her shop.  I love the clever plays on everyday concepts, and I’m completly blown away by the oh-so-clever packaging of her aprons! take a minute to look at them, and read the labels. So cute!

Finally, here are some fun vintage items from coconutannie. I think the frog with tomatoes salt and pepper shaker set is so much fun. Wouldn’t that be a great conversation-piece  for your kitchen table?  And the ode to tomatoes wouldn’t be the complete without a pincushion. I have one just like these vintage Chinese ones.

I hope you all have enjoyed my moment of tomato obsession. I’ve got a couple of recipes to share tomorrow, then it’s off to birthday celebration land for me! Happy Thursday (evening).

Vintage Blossoms Again

More favorites from my growing vintage collection. These cute little elves and mushrooms sit atop trinket boxes in the shape of tree trunks.  When I brought these home they were almost completely brown from years of dust and I’m betting cigarette smoke. After I cleaned them up I was tickled at how colorful they really were!

It’s funny, each of these little guys is missing a white fleck from one eye.  And I only have two trinket box bottoms. I think the odd top would be really cute in a terrarium, don’t you?

Vintage Blossoms

I’ve gotten quite a collection of fun vintage items from estate sales, thrift stores and garage sales lately. I’ve been cleaning and photographing them, hoping to get a vintage Etsy shop set up soon. I thought I’d share a few of my favorites with you guys. I love the little canister above. It has a few little rust spots, but I think it’s just so bright and cheery!

This is one of a set of six cute little jello molds. The letters are backwards here so that when you unmold your jiggly treat it would read Jello right on the top. I’m not sure if I’m going to let these go or not – they are just too cute!

Finally this is a little Fire King ramekin. It’s one of those things that is not too valuable by itself, but oh so cute. I think it would be perfect for paperclips on a desk, matches in the kitchen, or earrings on the nightstand.